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Henry Membreño's artistic journey unfolds through emotive abstractions, seamlessly blending various media on panel. Delving into the realm of paint and gesture, he intricately explores recurring motions and symbols that poignantly capture the ebb and flow of memory's evolution and degeneration.

Born in Weslaco, Texas, in 1975, Membreño's roots trace back to El Salvador, where his family sought refuge in 1973 due to his father's political affiliations with Jose Napoleon Duarte's Christian Democratic party. Fleeing the imminent threat of assassination, the Membreño family initially found temporary asylum in Mexico before making their way to the United States. Henry Membreño, their first American-born child, emerged into a world where art became his expressive sanctuary.

Having earned his degree from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, Membreño embarked on a diverse career journey. Initially, he imparted his knowledge by teaching life drawing in the bustling streets of NYC before venturing to Los Angeles. There, he delved into the realms of television production, fashion, and wardrobe design for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Currently serving as the owner and principal artist at Henry Membreño Art since 2006, he specializes in Painting and Drawing. His fine art has garnered recognition through collaborations with various Art Consulting firms, showcasing pieces that resonate both residentially and commercially across the United States.

Beyond the canvas, Membreño's passion extends into the realm of philanthropy. He has generously volunteered his time as an instructor and donated artwork to several organizations, including Cornerstone Recovery Inc., the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign, and the Gay Men's Chorus of Houston. Notably, Membreño has also devoted his talents to an impactful art program within the Harris County Jail, teaching prisoners and contributing to the transformative power of art in unexpected places.

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